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The Divine Light Centre was founded by Michele Kingston in 2007.

This is a little healing & meditation centre, as well as an Angel reading room and runs workshops monthly.

You can find out more about each one, by clicking onto Holistic Services.

It also is the gallery of Divine Design Jewellery & Art, which is where exclusive & individual soul pieces are created, this company has been in progress for 8 years now.

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The light centre is based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in St. Andrews Ocean Beach, Rye. 

Its on the Ocean-side amongst nature.

Whale watching is on twice a year, when they pass and Ti-Tree meditation nature walks are also available.



Keep in touch for details & up-dates or you can apply to the mailing list by clicking here.

Michele Kingston has been journeying on her spiritual path since she was young.


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Divine Light Centre
St Andrews Beach, Rye
0409 406 446