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Earth & Ocean Love Retreats  

Rye retreat pdf infomation.




Cosmology & Soul Discovery Workshop

On this day we remember the journey of the soul, and see our uniqueness in the bigger picture & "The Divine Plan".

Not only do we discover our origin, but we learn about our dimensional selves, soul families & star families.

We'll see Earth in it's Galactic cycle & see the fascination of the cosmos.  Which leads you to find out what is your part in this glorious story of creation & how do you ground GOD into the physicality.  See where we are heading as individuals and as a race of humanity.

There's is so much more to the wonderful you to explore.


Angel Awareness Workshop

We share a beautiful day with all the angels,  as you experience a long awaited soul Initiation and Integration of your Angelic presence.

You'll be able to activate and meet your own guardian angel, solar angel and Higher selves. 

Learn how to manifest them every day in your lives, for angels readings, upliftment, inspiration and house, home and land clearings. 

With this understanding you'll feel and know the wonderful light, love and healing energies the angels bring.


Crystal Light workshops

Discover how crystals can awaken you to your divine magnificence.  We have a crystal star inside our hearts.  Find out your special individual gem. 

We also discover more on crystal knowledge:

  • How to clean, charge and program crystals for higher benefits
  • How and where they grow
  • The power and energy they hold and what they can be used for
  • Crystal lay-outs, for grids, sacred spaces, alters
  • Healings and especially for your homes, gardens and work centers

Bring along any of your favorite crystals that wish to come

  Crystal Guardian workshops  

Working with the Crystal Guardians and journeying into the heart of GAIA.

All workshops include large colour manual with maps, a healthy lunch and a certificate. Workshops are $130.00

Cosmic Angel Workshop

All workshops can be done on line, you can study in your home at your own leisure. 
Manual & cd with 10 corresponding calls or e-mails. Teacher/Student assistance. $80

Spiritual Services

Radiant Light Healings

Higher Self Channeling's

Angel Readings

Crystal Readings


Chakra Balancing

Meditation Classes

Development Circle of Light

Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays, by appointment only

Healings $80 and Readings $80 recording included Classes $15

White Dove - Spirit Drummer-Singer


Available for concerts, expos, & festivals.

Michele has been singing & drumming her healing songs for over 10 years now, around New Age Fesivals, including MBS and many others around retirement villages, rehab centres, clubs etc.Most of her songs are traditional Native American, Aboriginal and others are channelled from source.Her favourite times have been singing in full-moon drumming circles for many years.Full-Moon drumming circles are held every full moon now at the Divine Light Centre in Rye

Divine Light Centre
St Andrews Beach, Rye
0409 406 446